Tip #3: When you need a Trial Lawyer…make sure you hire an experienced Trial Lawyer!

Not every lawyer is a trial lawyer. If you are in a dispute or were injured and you need a trial lawyer remember that not every lawyer is one. They may have tried a case or two but that does not make them a trial lawyer. Our founding partner, Matt Guichard, is a trial lawyer. He’s tried hundreds of cases. Experience matters. Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett has experience. We get results. Good results. Come in and let’s talk. 925.459.8440. Let us help you with your legal needs.

Looking for an Immigration Lawyer? Know your rights?

Do you or maybe you know someone who needs some immigration help? Erika Portillo, a partner here at Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett, works predominantly on immigration matters. She will assess your case. Advise you on what documentation you need to submit. Discuss case costs. Give you a realistic evaluation of your case. She can help you. And while you are here you can pick up a nifty red card to carry with you in case you are questioned about your immigration status. You have rights. Come in and let’s talk. Call Erika today at 925.459.8440.

Giving Back to Our Community! Get Involved!

Another 2018 New Year’s resolution done: Finished our “Community Involvement” wall. Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett is involved in our community through volunteering and financial contributions. You will find us in the Rotary of Walnut Creek, Fire Council Commissioner, coaching base ball teams, sponsoring swim/soccer/baseball teams, donating to schools, etc. We think it’s important for businesses to be involved in the communities where they work. Sure hope you do too.

Did you know we mediate disagreements?

So what happens when you take the plunge and start that new business with someone but you never quite got around to finalizing the details of your company (who contributes what, who does what, what happens if…) and then things don’t work out quite the way you and your business partner thought? Call us. Call Matt. He can help mediate your situation and hopefully come up with a plan that will satisfy both parties. Didn’t know Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett can help mediate disagreements? We can! Give Matt at a call at 925.459.8440 and let him help you. He’s been helping folks for a long time and he’s pretty darn good at it!

Maybe it’s time to call a lawyer…

Sometimes you only need a little bit of advice from a lawyer. Maybe you were hit by a car and have a few out of pocket expenses or medical bills. Their insurance company is trying to settle with you. Is the right amount? Are you being fairly compensated? Why not give Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett a call and come in and discuss what happened? It might be better to have that 1 hour conference then find out that you didn’t settle for an amount to even fully cover your expenses! Call Matt. He’s had a lot of experience with personal injury cases and gets great results. You can reach Matt at 925.459.8440.

Dog Bite

An absolute nightmare! Imagine walking along and you or your child (as in the article linked below) get attacked by a pit bull or any dog. From the article, it sounds like the child will be ok. We certainly hope so. You may or may not know that Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett has represented victims of dog bites. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite, give us a call at 925.459.8440 and ask for Matt. He can discuss with you whether or not you have a case against the dog owner. CHP, firefighters rescue girl bitten by dog at Point Pinole

What to look for when hiring a lawyer

Looking to hire a lawyer? Already have one but not satisfied and thinking you might need to change? A lawyer needs to: –Be a good listener –Have attention to detail –Have candor –Be honest –Have experience The lawyers at Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett possess these attributes. We listen. We give an honest assessment of you case. We do the right thing. We get good results. Give us a call at 925.459.8440. Let us help you with your legal needs.


If in 2020 you are 18 & older, you need to go to the DMV and get your READ ID to travel within the US if you are using your CA driver’s license as id to board an airplane for example.  See the article posted below for more information. https://patch.com/california/lajolla/ca-dmv-now-issuing-real-ids-youll-need-it-2020

Stress and Lawyers

How do you relieve your stress?  Click on the link below to find out how some lawyers relieve theirs.  In our office folks garden, workout, yoga, read and, yes, knit!  Write a comment on how you get rid of your stress.  We’d love to hear from you and learn new ways! http://www.abajournal.com/gallery/lawyers_get_crafty/1638  

Anti-DUI Zero Tolerance announcement by CHP

CHP announces DUI zero tolerance campaign after several CHP officers have been killed or injured by someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Don’t be one of them.  Don’t drink or do drugs and drive.  Be smart.  Be safe.  For all of us. Here’s the link: https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/CHP-Launches-Zero-Tolerance-Anti-DUI-Campaign-470594113.html