Mock Trial Results – 2017

A nice way to give back to the community: Matthew Guichard volunteers each year as a judge for the Contra Costa County Mock Trial Competitions. The competition is in February. The high school students do an incredible job and you can see all the hard work they did. The 2017 mock trial results are in! Congratulations to Miramonte HS for placing 1st. 2nd place went to California HS, followed by Acalanes HS and Alhambra HS. Well done! You can read all about it here:

One Hundred Club of Contra Costa County

Matthew Guichard and Erika Portillo are members of the One Hundred Club of Contra Costa County. In case you don’t know what this club is we’ve posted the below from their website: “The One Hundred Club of Contra Costa County was formed in 1984 by a group of concerned citizens who care about the welfare of families of peace officers and firefighters who lost their lives as a result of and while in the line of duty in Contra Costa County. We are a 501 (C) (3) Exempt Organizatio…n. Upon our formation, we became the sixty-second club formed in the United States.” You can learn more about it here and ways that you can help:

Civil Jury Verdicts – October Issue of Contra Costa Lawyer

Civil Jury Verdicts Matt Guichard | Oct 01, 2016 | Comments 0 Indeed it has been some time since I penned the popular Civil Jury Verdicts column. Same old story: Very few attorneys are reporting their jury verdicts to me. I will say, trials are getting out in our Contra Costa Superior Courts, so I know there are cases to report. I also know local lawyers who are going to trial in other venues, including Federal Court. And, I am aware of significant settlements here in Contra Costa Superior Courts, as well as in other venues. I will mention all of those cases in our Civil Jury Verdicts column. You just have to report those cases to me. Sounds like a broken record doesn’t it? Now let’s get down to some case reporting. Moore vs. Wiebe, Case No. S-1500-CV-282514 LHB … Continue reading

Civil Jury Verdicts: June 2014

Now that’s more like it: Attorneys are actually reporting jury verdicts to me. Although I must confess, I did chase down a couple of them myself. As we discussed some time ago, our courts have been severely impacted by the state budget problems. Locally it means trials are taking place in half days and not every day of the week. I spoke with a friend recently who reported a 32-day jury trial, which normally would have been a 10-day trial. Goodness! Wald v. Petrossian, Case No. MSC 12-01549 was tried before the Hon. George Spanos. Scott Sumner represented Plaintiff and David Sidran represented Defendant. The case involved a rear-end accident with admitted liability, but hotly contested medical causation (isn’t that always the case nowadays?). Plaintiff was driving a 1922 Model T and stopped behind traffic. The Model T was hit … Continue reading

31st Annual Contra Costa County High School Mock Trial

Amazed and gratified to see all the legal community volunteers who assisted in the 31st Annual Contra Costa County High School Mock Trial. Many of our local Judges and Commissioners, our District Attorney, many Deputy DA’s and Deputy Public Defenders, and enumerable private practice lawyers, provided assistance. I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the High School participants.

Career Day at St. Joseph Notre Dame High School

Matt Guichard spent last Friday, March 9th, at his High School, St. Joseph Notre Dame in Alameda.  The occasion was the annual Career Day for class juniors.  He gave a talk on his International legal experience in Salzburg, Austria and Odense, Denmark.  He then spoke of his time as a deputy DA in Contra Costa County.  After that he discussed his experience at Ropers Majeski in San Francisco and as Managing Director of their Sacramento Office.  And finally his adventure for the past 15 years or so at Guichard, Teng & Portello.  What a fun day it was!  Lots of students are interested in the law.  Matt’s talk was very well received by the students and he looks forward to participating again next year.