Associates & Staff

Kang Lim

Attorney (Of Counsel)

Kang Lim is an intellectual property attorney who advises businesses on patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Over the last decade, Mr. Lim has been a key contributor to the success of numerous Silicon Valley startups and large corporations. Read More »



Chris Garrett


Christopher Garrett is the firm’s senior litigation associate. He has experience prosecuting a wide range of civil matters, with a particular focus on premises liability, product defect, and partnership disputes. Mr. Garrett has both represented injured plaintiffs and defended a variety of Bay Area businesses and public entities. He has extensive law-and-motion experience, and has prevailed on a number of motions for summary adjudication and other complex motions.

Mr. Garrett’s practice focuses on addressing matters in a sensible, cost-effective way that balances the need for zealous advocacy with pragmatism and flexibility. He has participated in the successful resolution of numerous complex and contentious disputes at all stages of litigation—from pre-filing mediation to settlement on the courthouse steps.