Davis Move: Sharing Office Space – Find out more about Will Portello, Kira Wattenburg & Heather Tattershall

Here’s some additional information regardng our Davis office. There are three attorneys/firms sharing office space at 355 2nd Street, Suite B. They are Will Portello, Heather Tattershall and Kira Wattenburg. Will Portello grew up in Davis, graduated from UC Davis, attended law school at the University of Oregon, and is a member of both the California and Oregon state bars. He has been practicing law since 1993. He has been with Guichard Teng & Portello since 1997. We have… had an office here in Davis since 2004, and have other offices in Walnut Creek, Willows and San Francisco. We handle civil litigation and trial advocacy, including the representation of injured parties in personal injury matters, as well as the victims of sexual abuse. In addition, we represent employees in wage-hour disputes. Our additional practice areas include business litigation and insurance … Continue reading

Here’s a link to FAQs re DUIs.

We understand getting pulled over for a DUI is a huge problem and embarrassment. Here’s a link to commonly asked questions.  CA DUI FAQs We’re here to help if you need more assistance.  We have the experience you need to navigate the courts and DMV.  Give us a call at 925-459-8440. We can help.

DUI? We can help!

Although no one ever wants to be in this position, if you were pulled over for a DUI – give us a call at 925.459.8440 or 530.297.3290.  We can help navigate the courts and DMV for you making a tough, embarrassing experience more manageable.  Call us.  We can help!

Coroner’s Inquests – Published in Contra Costa Lawyer March 2015

For a number of years, I have served as the hearing officer in Coroner’s Inquests in Contra Costa County and a few other Northern California counties. I am often asked to explain the process. In doing so, more often I discuss what it is not, rather than what a Coroner’s Inquest actually entails. In most counties in California, the elected sheriff is also the elected coroner. That is the case in Contra Costa County, where a Coroner’s Inquest is held in all cases involving a death related in any way to law enforcement. That means when an inmate in county jail dies in his sleep of natural causes, we have an Inquest. When a death involves a police shooting, a fatal car chase, a suicide witnessed by law enforcement, a fight with officers resulting in a death, a Coroner’s Inquest is … Continue reading

Civil Jury Verdicts – February 2015

Yes, I am back with another Civil Jury Verdicts column. No, I did not move out of town. There just have not been sufficient reports for me to prepare a Civil Jury Verdicts column. I now have some reports so here goes. Brian C. (a minor) v. Contra Costa Health Services involved one of the bigger jury awards in Contra Costa recent history. The Honorable Steven Austin presided. Two Plaintiffs firms took the lead. Michael E. Gatto of Rains Lucia Stern, PC, was co-lead together with Eustace de Saint Phalle of the Veen Firm. Alison M. Karp of the Veen firm assisted the lead lawyers. W. David Walker of Craddick, Candland & Conti represented Defendants. Factually, the case involved a medical malpractice claim involving alleged negligent management of a twin pregnancy, which resulted in the death of one twin and … Continue reading

Victim of Sexual Abuse? We have successfully represented victims in Civil Court.

Not a pleasant topic if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, but you may need our help.  Guichard, Teng & Portello has successfully represented victims of sexual abuse and has received substantial civil monetary judgments on behalf of our clients.  Below is an article you might find interesting. http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/07/28/69875.htm