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Do you have a legal question but don’t know who to ask?  Give our managing partner, Matt Guichard, a call to discuss it.  Guichard Teng Portillo & Garrett handles a wide range of legal matters, but certainly not all.  One of the most important questions to ask an attorney is if they have experience in cases like yours.  A good attorney will let you know if your case is in their wheelhouse.

Matt will listen to your legal problem and decide whether or not it is something we can handle.  If not, chances are he will know an attorney that does.  How’s that for a win! Not all attorneys are created equal.  Each has special skills.  If we don’t have the expertise your case demands, let us refer you to one does.  Matt’s better than good.  He’s a great attorney.  One you want on your side of the table.  Matt can be reached at 925.459.8440 or email him at

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If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault there may be an opportunity to secure a monetary judgement against your perpetrator. Did you know that our managing partner, Matt Guichard, headed the Sexual Assault Team in the Contra Costa District Attorneys Office for a number of years? He has put the perpetrators in prison. He knows what you have been through. He won't make you feel uncomfortable talking about a tough subject. He understands the complexities of these types of cases and has successfully obtained numerous monetary judgments for victims. Let him help you. He has the experience. He has the knowledge. He can get it done. Give Matt a call at 925.459.8440 or email him at
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Dream BIG. Have you always wanted to own your own business? Now is as good as time as any to put together a business plan, get your business documents finalized and get started! If you are planning on going into business with a partner, it's best to figure out your business arrangement before you start financing your new venture. We have an excellent business lawyer, Chris Teng, who has a lot of experience in helping businesses put together their agreements. He can help guide you and point out different items that should be included. Let Chris help you get your business off the ground. Chris can be reached at 925.459.8440 or email him at
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Did you know we handle catastrophic personal injury cases? If you got seriously injured and it wasn't your fault, let us help you. Our managing partner, Matt Guichard, has the experience and expertise to help you secure a solid monetary award. Give him a call and discuss what happened. Matt can be reached at 925.459.8440 or email him at You need to hire an attorney that can get the job done. That attorney is Matt!
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Although most courts are postponing and rescheduling cases, did you know that the immigration courts are still open for business? If you have an immigration matter and need assistance, please ggive our immigration team a call. Erika Portillo is a highly respected partner at our firm. She and her team have helped so many people with their immigration matters. Let her help you. Call today for a consultation. 925.459.8440. Let her experience and expertise help resolve your immigration issue.
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