2021 is the year to TAKE CONTROL!

2021 is the year to TAKE CONTROL!  2020 was quite a journey – and everyone knows someone impacted by it.   Let’s start 2021 by taking control of what we can:

  • Business: Is your business on the right path? What can you do to attract more customers or re-engage the ones you had?  Do you and your business partner share the same vision?  Is it time to renegotiate your business arrangement?  Need to put together new business documents?
  • Immigration: Is now the time to advance your immigration status to the next level? Nervous because you don’t know if you will qualify?  Need to renew your work permit?  Ready to get married and need a fiancé visa?  Are you a Dreamer?  Ready to start your DACA application?
  • Personal Injury: Did you get injured and it wasn’t your fault? Thought you would heal quickly on your own?

We are positioned to help you with your legal needs.  We’ve helped so many clients and we can help you TAKE CONTROL too.  Give us a call at 925.459.8440 or email us at info@gtplawyers.com.

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