Crimes of Opportunity

Saw this post by our local police department in “Nextdoor” and thought it was good advice no matter where you live:

Coffee Shop Laptop Thefts

A regional crime trend that frequents the Bay Area with its often beautiful weather are coffee shop laptop thefts! Often, people will be sitting outside of a coffee shop or sit near the entrance while working on their laptops, and someone will seek out these individuals as an easy target and take their laptop from them. Although our Department has not seen an increase in this type of crime, we want to share that it does

occur in the Bay Area and encourage you to take precautions when you do utilize your laptop in public. Be observant of your surroundings, sit inside if possible, and take steps to secure your device(s) (PS – did you know there are laptop tethering cables that allow you to secure your laptop or electronic device to a fixed object while you are in public places?). We want you and your property safe, so we are proactively sharing this type of information with you so that regardless of what city you reside in, you can take extra steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim to this type of crime. And remember, never chase after suspect(s) who have taken your property – your safety is paramount. Call your local PD immediately to report such a crime, noting the suspect description, direction of travel, and vehicle description.

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