Elder Abuse: Warning Signs

To follow up on a previous post, here are some warning signs that your elderly parent/friend may be a victim of elder abuse:

  • Physical abuse in the form of unexplained burns, bruises, broken bones or repeat injuries
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse where someone threatens or yells at them, controls them
  • Financial abuse – maybe someone is repeatedly using their credit cards without their permission, forging their signature on documents, taking their money from the bank accounts without permission
  • Neglect when caregivers aren’t taking proper care of them (not clean, lose weight, have bedsores)

It’s our responsibility to make sure our elders are properly taken care of.  Look for warning signs for example are they withdrawn, scared, depressed, behavioral changes.  Let them know they are not alone and seek help.

Our managing partner, Matt Guichard, has helped many victims of elder abuse.  He has the experience that matters. Let him help you.  Matt can be reached at 925.459.8440 or email him at info@gtplawyers.com.

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